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Who are we

Net-Connect Group was founded in Romania and has been a major player in wholesale voice services since the very beginning of the liberalization of the Romanian market in year 2003. Net-Connect was the first telecommunications operator to establish an interconnection with Telekom Romania and the first Romanian operator to establish a presence in Frankfurt for international connectivity.  Net-Connect is 100% Romanian capital-funded and due to our partners, team and branches have taken things to a multinational level. 

Due to our team’s professionalism, proactivity and proclivity to always exceed our partners’ expectations, Net-Connect grew into a large group and became a stable and important wholesale business partner to more than 200 international operators from all over the world.


Where are we

Net-Connect operates in 9 countries worldwide through locally licensed companies and direct interconnections with local telecommunications operators: 

  • Bulgaria: Vivacom, A1 Bulgaria, Telenor

  • Croatia: Croatian Telecom/T-mobile, A1 Croatia, Telemach Croatia (ex. Tele2)

  • Czech Republic: Vodafone Czech

  • Greece: OTE Greece

  • Hungary: Magyar Telecom, Telenor Hungary, Vodafone Hungary

  • Jamaica: fixed and all mobile networks

  • Moldova: Orange Moldova, MoldCell

  • Romania: Telekom Romania, Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania, RCS&RDS 

  • Slovakia: Slovak Telekom, O2 Slovakia, Orange Slovakia

What we do

We specialize in wholesale voice and SMS exchange and corporate clients and define our services by high quality and competitive pricing. Our wholesale voice offers premium CLI traffic terminated via TDM and dedicated IP connections directly to end networks and is not rerouted through other carriers thus providing highest quality at competitive rates. 

Having direct national interconnections through an established POP in every country, Net-Connect ensures full stability and flawless connectivity for all of your traffic.

How we do it

We approach every business partner with the same mindset - creating a long-term, win-win relationship. We want to learn about your challenges and help you solve them. We practice team-work, professionalism, fairness and business-like approach to work. 

We believe in: 

  • Flexibility: Our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs means they always receive the services and products that meet their ever-changing needs in a highly competitive market.

  • Innovation: We are constantly looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions to grow our business. Always being one step ahead in the game means you’re always ready for whatever challenge.

  • Trustworthiness: Our team of professionals is well-versed in this dynamic market and always ready to make the best decisions business-wise. That’s why our business partners have been with us all these years.

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